Title: Enduring Success (Paperback - Signed Copy)

Author: Sir Steve Redgrave

ISBN: 978-0755319664

Publisher: Business Plus

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'A great guide to long-lasting success, no matter what your business' Duncan Bannatyne

Steve Redgrave is uniquely placed to provide a crystal-clear look at what long-term success is and how you might achieve it. During his sporting career, which spans nearly a quarter of a century, Steve learned to face the challenges of redefining goals, learning new skills, fighting off renewed competition, making difficult choices and staying motivated.

In Enduring Success, Steve mixes his take on the nature of success with the key lessons of leading businesses, people and brands. The result is a fresh look at long-term success.

Enduring Success by Sir Steve Redgrave

'Enduring Success' by Sir Steve Redgrave