Title: Inspired (Hardback - Signed Copy)

Author: Sir Steve Redgrave

ISBN: 978-0755319640

Publisher: Headline Publishing

Price: 18.99 plus postage and packing

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Inspiration, something much needed in these times, abounds as Sir Steve relates the entertaining tales of his fellow sportsmen and women that spurred on his success.

From Jonny Wilkinson's famous dropkick, Roger Bannister's 4-minute mile and Brian Clough's self-belief to tales of lesser known characters from his childhood and personal life, Sir Steve narrates with passion and awe, the motivation gained from his heroes and peers. Overcoming adversity, the importance of teamwork, graft and a little bit of luck all contribute to Sir Steve's overwhelming triumphs, both in and out of the boat, as he strove to overcome diabetes to win his fifth gold medal in spectacular style. Here he divulges the stories that inspired him, roused him and made his wildest dreams a magnificent reality.

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Inspired by Sir Steve Redgrave

'Inspired' by Sir Steve Redgrave