Sir Steve was part of the Daily Telegraph sports team as a columnist and ambassador as London hosted the Olympic Games in 2012. Here is access to the articles published during the amazing events of London 2012.

London 2012 Olympics: Medal winners will have lives turned upsidedown
16th August 2012

Team GB's Olympic gold medallists will find that their lives are never the same again. When I returned home after winning my first Olympic gold in Los Angeles in 1984, people asked me what I did for a living. I said, "Well, I row," and they would reply, "Oh, who do you row for, Oxford or Cambridge?" "Actually, I won a gold medal at the Olympic Games," I reminded them.


London 2012 Olympics: We must help kids achieve their best
16th August 2012

Competitive sport is all very well but helping every child reach their potential must be Britain's Olympic legacy. I believe that the Prime Minister, in placing competitive sport at the heart of London's Olympic legacy, has the emphasis slightly wrong.


London 2012 Olympics: We must build on this success story to stay at the top
12th August 2012

The phenomenal success of the British team in London will be measured, ultimately, by where we find ourselves at the Olympics in 2020.


London 2012 Olympics: I always knew Chris would overtake me
9th August 2012

As Sir Chris Hoy celebrates his sixth Olympic gold, five-time gold medallist Sir Steven Redgrave reacts to losing his unofficial title of Britain's greatest-ever Olympian.


London 2012 Olympics: Hoy has earned his place in history
8th August 2012

Sir Chris Hoy winning sixth gold medal in keirin at London 2012 Olympics was pure joy, says Sir Steve Redgrave. There was only one emotion as I watched Sir Chris Hoy ride past my record of five gold medals in the Olympic Velodrome last night, and that was of pure joy.


London 2012 Olympics: When your dream dies, there are no consolations
6th August 2012

Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter were absolutely distraught at losing their chance of Olympic gold. I tried my best to comfort them afterwards, because they were convinced they had let everybody down.


London 2012 Olympics: Grainger's gold medal long overdue
4th August 2012

Katherine Grainger's gold medal in double sculls at London 2012 Olympics long overdue and universally popular. I would have traded in all our other British medals in this Olympic regatta just to make sure Katherine Grainger won her gold.


London 2012 Olympics: From sporting giants to golden girls
2nd August 2012

Helen Glover and Heather Stannning have come a long way - I was surprised at how much emotion I felt when Helen Glover and Heather Stanning came off the water on Wednesday.


London 2012 Olympics: Sir Steve Redgrave on why Michael Phelps's feats may have been even greater over six Games
1st August 2012

He has been able to pursue multiple golds at his last three Olympic Games, and one might argue that this diminishes his place among the greats. But how do you rank greatness?


London 2012 Olympics: Sir Steve Redgrave endorses David Tanner's bold prediction of six rowing medals
7th June 2012

On Wednesday night Sir Steve endorsed the ambitious prediction by David Tanner, the performance director for British Rowing, that Team GB's crews could win six medals at the London Olympics.


London 2012 Olympics: John Carlos reveals the personal pain that inspired his famous black power salute
18th May 2012

Sir Steve meets the man who became a symbol not simply for athletic courage but for the strength of the human spirit and tells how the story of John Carlos ranks as one of the most remarkable and moving in all sport.


London 2012 Olympics: Start of the Olympic torch relay means the Games have arrived
19th May 2012

Ever since 2005, when Jacques Rogge uttered the word 'London' when announcing the 2012 host city, the Games have seemed slightly unreal: sure, we have seen the glittering venues rise up in Stratford, heard the athletes outline their plans for gold medal glory and chalked off the landmarks - 1,000, 200, 100 days to go.


London 2012 Olympics: Sir Steve Redgrave urges BOA to fight back in battle against drug cheats'
3rd May 2012

This is a sad day not just for British sport, but for world sport. The verdict of the Court of Arbitration for Sport is predictable enough but, in my opinion, marks a dispiriting victory for the drugs cheats.


London 2012 Olympics: 'Strongest ever British rowing team could be on course for eight medals'
9th March 2012

For the leading athletes, these trials will be important to see where their preparations stand and, for some, may still have a significance in determining which of the top boats they will end up in.

For the fringe competitors, though, this is do or die. Competition is quite brutal as rowers all jostle to next month be named in the squad to compete in May's first World Cup regatta of the season in Belgrade, thus being in pole position to compete in the Olympics.

In my day, you had to be in one of the top three pairs at these trials to be in a chance of winning world and Olympic medals. Now, we're talking of people not being in the top six who would still be medallists at a Games... [more]

London 2012 Olympics: 'You cannot put a price on Olympic gold,' says Rafael Nadal
13th January 2012

Sir Steve meets Rafael Nadal: 'Sure it's possible to win both,' the Spaniard tells me without a trace of arrogance as he considers the unique challenge of pursuing a third Wimbledon triumph and then setting out on the defence of his Olympic crown on the same SW19 lawns less than three weeks later. [more]

London 2012 Olympics: the five events that most excite Steven Redgrave
4th January 2012

Sir Steve selects five sports at which Britain's finest will excel at London 2012. [more]

London 2012 Olympics: Sir Steve on how Mark Spitz's magnificent seven inspired his golden dream
7th October 2011

As Sir Steve's latest book, Great Olympic Moments is published, he reveals his most memorable and inspiring Olympic moments. [more]

London 2012 Olympics: Pressure? London is my big opportunity, says Sir Chris Hoy
27th September 2011

Sir Chris Hoy is in full flow at the Manchester velodrome, telling me of his hopes and aspirations for London 2012 with a passion so infectious that, even though it's 11 years since I quit competitive sport, it can even persuade a 49 year-old for one lovely moment to daydream idly about making another comeback... [more]

London 2012 Olympics: Games is our chance to get a generation out of the armchair
28th July 2011

As we approach the final year of preparations, the legacy of the 2012 Olympics is preoccupying us almost as much as the event itself. Which is as it should be.

When we invest so much in a two-and-half-week festival of sport, we expect to reap some longer-term benefits. Having said that, legacy is a problematic word, because it has so many elements to it... [more]

London 2012 Olympics: One gold at a time, Ben Ainslie says in pursuit of the Steve Redgrave record
25th July 2011

'Steve-bloody-Redgrave and that record! I always get that,' he laughed. 'But, honestly, I don't look at it as a target. God, yes, it would be unbelievable to achieve what you did but I can't afford to think that way; I just need to focus on the next goal. Which is London 2012 and I'm focused on nothing else but that.'

Steve-bloody-Redgrave. I've probably been the bane of plenty of athletes' lives down the years when multiple medal targets are bandied around, but it was funny listening to Ben because I could recognise a bloke who, having earned a silver and three golds in successive Games since 1996, certainly has the right mentality and approach to match and even go past my record, something I genuinely hope he does... [more]

Henley Royal Regatta 2011: Greg Searle can lead Britain to victory against Germany
28th June 2011

I'm expecting the final to be between our current British eight and world champions Germany, who beat them narrowly last November. It is a brilliant chance for everyone to see two of the fastest boats in the world this year. After gaining silver in 2010, the eight could argue that they came closer to being world champions than anyone else in the men's sweep squad. They have a great opportunity to prove that now, and if they pull it off here, which they can do, it would put them in a nice position going on to race the rest of the world at Lucerne... [more]

London 2012 Olympics: all systems go for the greatest Games ever, says rowing champion Sir Steve Redgrave
15th March 2011

I have spent at least 35 years of my life focusing on the Games, and after all that blood, sweat and toil, I have been left with an intense passion for all things Olympic. Somewhere deep in my mind I still believe that I will be out there on the water at Dorney Lake, rowing for a sixth goal medal. But my wife tells me I must be realistic... [more]

Sir Steve Redgrave pays tribute to Olympic partner Andy Holmes, who has died aged 51
25 October 2010

All those stories of Andy being disruptive, they don't compare to the guy I competed with. He felt he was at a certain level of performance, and when we were in the top boat, he rowed even better. Andy was a bit of a loner, very quiet and distant. He wanted to do things his own way, and some people didn't like that. But he and I never had problems, we got on really well together, we were both really committed to rowing. [more]

Sir Steve Redgrave